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Vokü (ORH)

16. Juni 2016

Die Vokü ist ein Selbstorganisiertes Projekt, das Essen gegen Spende organisiert. Bitte spendet einen angemessenen Betrag und bedenkt, dass auf freiwilliger Basis gekocht wird. Gespült wird also selbst und achtet auf ein angenehmes miteinander und respektiert den Raum.

Tumult mit Vernissage (Kult41)

16. Juni 2016

Uuups, ich habe mich verinnert! – Schirin Schüller
Der künstlerische Prozess als Ausstellungsobjekt; vom Finden und Sammeln des bildnerischen Materials bis hin zum Zusammentragen, Speichern, Verwerfen und Verletzen der einzelnen Komponenten. Mit musikalischer Begleitung von Klaus Noack (Didgeridoo).
Ausstellungszeitraum: Do., 16. Juni bis So, 17. Juli 2016

Danach Tumult.

Atheism as a reason to flee (Hörsaal 8)

16. Juni 2016

Our next lecture and discussion with secular activist Ahmed Nadir from Bangladesh will take place on thursday, June 16, at 8 p.m. at lecture hall 8 (Hörsaal 8 ) in the main building of Bonn University.
*** The lecture will be in English ***
People are forced to leave their countries for a broad variety of reasons. Not being religious could be a risk and one of these reasons in parts of the world. Example – Bangladesh.
In early 2013 a committee of nine Islamic clerics was formed by the government to identify internet activists who criticised Islam and the prophet Mohammed on Blogs and Facebook. Creating lists with names of activists, of what they call „Enemies of Islam“, and publishing them is the main work of this committee.
Activist and Businessman Ahmed Nadir will speak about the dangers of being an atheist in Bangladesh and what made him leave his country in 2013 and request asylum in Germany. He will furthermore address other international examples of secularists/atheists and pleads in favour of an international solidarity movement as well as structures of support for these people.
He will also come to speak about the experiences he made while being processed by the German asylum system. The isolated living conditions in camps add to the uncertainty about ones future during that often long-lasting process. Contact to the world outside this system or to people of the same conviction and political opinions is rare and the majority of other refugees is sceptical towards or openly disapproves atheism. This is where a secular movement should concentrate its actions and offer support.
Hosted by Refugees Welcome Bonn e.V. and the „Referat für politische Bildung des AstA der Universität Bonn“